The San Francisco Capoeira Center supports Yoga Tree SF!

Although we practice capoeira mindfully and efficiently, I have found it very powerful to engage in a static physical practice. Enter Yoga Tree SF. Their diversity of teachers and class types has made it very easy for me to do some good old standing still. I typically go to afternoon classes and find it so important to my practice of capoeira. Their teachers know how to open my body and strengthen my soft spots. My shoulders have increased in their range in motion and my hips are opening more and more. Yoga is the perfect element to cross train with my capoeira practice as capoeira can be a lot of movement, and yoga can be quite static. The community at Yoga Tree SF is wonderful and the teachers are very helpful both inside and outside of class. For a limited time only, members of CAQSF and The San Francisco Capoeira Center get a great deal at Yoga Tree and vice versa, $108 for a 10 class card!