The San Francisco Capoeira Center is creating beauty, freedom, spontaneity and play!

At the San Francisco Capoeira Center, our classes are a full body work out. They open the channels in the body and spin all of the chakras like a great yoga class.  Capoeira is a yoga form in motion where all of the movements spiral both upwards and downwards from a single point: the center of the players being.  The benefits of capoeira include flexibility, coordination, equilibrium, toned muscles, a strong core, agility, and grace.  Cultivating grace through the movements of capoeira trains both our physical bodies and our minds to be graceful through life’s situations.  Capoeira instills confidence in the way that we move, think, speak, and act.  Capoeira has an “equalizing” force on the body and the mind.  It opens a creative part of the brain that is difficult to access.  Imagine a cartwheel, once thought to be impossible, is suddenly available to your body and mind.  Not only have you retrained your body to be able to coordinate such a feat, but you have also reprogrammed the part of your brain that says “I can’t do that” or “that’s impossible.” Imagine what life would be like if you never said those things to yourself again… Imagine what POWER you would then have to MANIFEST the things in your life that you want!!

I want to do a cartwheel.  I want freedom in my body. The body/mind connection is real and always informing reality.  If we free our bodies, our spirits will follow.  This is our experience as capoeiristas.

Capoeira Angola Quintal San Francisco = Freedom, Beauty, Equilibrium, Creativity, Grace, Spontaneity, Unboundedness, Union, Strength, Confidence, Bliss, Fun, Play, and Much More!