The San Francisco Capoeira Center Honors Grand Master Nô!


At The San Francisco Capoeira Center, we are pondering the idea of what it means to “embody freedom.”  Freedom is the state of being unconstrained, unbounded, spontaneous, both inside and out.  During our capoeira practice we work from the inside out. Our mindful approach gives us opportunities to move carefully and controlled with wisdom and grace.  As we cultivate the various possibilities of movement we begin to embody the freedom of the movement seemingly unconstrained by the limits of gravity.  This external cultivation then begins to work from the outside external world to the internal world of the mind and spirit. The act of freeing our bodies and overcoming physical limitations begin to free the mind and spirit of what we think is possible and opening up the internal doors to infinite possibility, transformation, growth, spontaneity and flight.  Master Nô has a special relationship with gravity, space, and time.  These relationships are those that we cultivate at The San Francisco Capoeira Center with the intention to embody freedom both inside and out.