The San Francisco Capoeira Center Encourages Beginner Students!

At The San Francisco Capoeira Center we believe that capoeira should be taught in a responsible way, mindfully, as to honor and serve our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our idea of embodying freedom takes many forms in the realm of movement and capoeira. One of these forms of freedom is the individual’s ability to flow from one movement to the next, seamlessly, while never breaking the interaction with their partner. Capoeira Angola Quintal San Francisco is the premier San Francisco capoeira school teaching mindful movement and intelligent flow to it’s student. We have experienced the way that our capoeira works in the everyday world. The more flow and freedom that we cultivate and embody through movement the more free we are capable of flowing with nature, relationships, community, creativity, desire, fulfillment, peace, beauty, and freedom itself.  Here is a short video of two beginner students (2-4 months) at CAQSF starting to find their creativity and flow within the game of Capoeira.