The San Francisco Capoeira Center at Yoga Journal Conference!

Mindful Capoeira: Spontaneous Play Based in Asana

We will demonstrate how we use asana as the fundamental core of mindful capoeira. Our innovative foundational sequences of postures facilitate the development of creativity and flow from one asana to the next, creating beautiful and dynamic play. Come explore our reimagination of the principles of yoga, infused with the spirit of Brazil as we create a new paradigm for movement and flow.

Bill Stark, known in the capoeira world as Instrutor Tucano, is the founder and lead instructor at The San Francisco Capoeira Center. Tucano is part of the Capoeira Angola Quintal lineage, is a student of the pioneer of Mindful Capoeira, Mestre Ombrinho, and has personally studied in Brazil under his Grand Master, Mestre Nô. Tucano uses the concepts of alignment-based yoga to inform his practice and has taught thousands of mindful capoeira classes to both youth and adults alike.

Four elements characterize Tucano’s practice: equilibrium, beauty, creativity, and grace. He believes that each individual student is a whole entity, self-created, and complete. Based on this philosophy, he delivers individualized instruction that is able to serve a variety of learning styles and practice levels. In Tucano’s classroom, there are no rights and wrongs; there only exists power: power in practice, technique, and theory. It is this inherent and innate personal power that Tucano cultivates in all of his students to help them align with their world in body, mind, and spirit.

Tucano’s academy is located where is resides at the The Center SF, a healing arts collective and event space for empowered social and personal transformation. In addition to Capoeira, Tucano is a dedicated practitioner of meditation, and a student of Classical Hindu Tantra.

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