The San Francisco Capoeira Center and Capoeira Angola Quintal! From SF to NYC.

Capoeira Angola Quintal from San Francisco to New York. This is the way!

Freedom: A condition of being without restraints, ease and grace; facility of movement. The state of being unconstrained or unbounded.  The ability to move, unconstrained by ordinary limits of gravity, direction, orientation. The partnered game of capoeira is about pushing each other to navigate obstacles.  The more we train to navigate obstacles in life, the more free we become; rather, those same obstacles cease to bind us any longer. Cultivating Freedom is learning how to become unconstrained by ordinary limits.  Cultivating the embodiment of freedom is learning to transcend ordinary physical limitations. At The San Francisco Capoeira Center, we train flexibility,  strength, coordination, control, from the ground up, side to side and front to back, right side up and upside down, spiraling in, spiraling out, much like you would do in a yoga class. What separates us from a yoga class is the next level of spontaneity and creativity within the play of our movements. We play games with our partners, we learn how to fall gracefully in  all directions. We learn how to quite literally fall up! At The San Francisco Capoeira Center we take each student from exactly where they are  and instruct them in easy and graceful ways to cultivate embodied freedom, effortlessly, in ways that honor and serve their bodies minds and spirits. We start with basic and rudimentary ways of moving, and over time we learn to advance our practice into the full expression of each movement.


Freedom looks like floating, gracefully unbounded by gravity. Freedom is the way of moving that is only limited by the imagination. Embodied freedom looks like raw creativity that is zero impact, gliding, as if one were in bubble devoid of gravity.

-Capoeira Angola Quintal San Francisco