Mindful Movement From The Ground Up- Capoeira San Francisco!

Here is an awesome video brought to you by the San Francisco Capoeira Center.

Mestre Nô, Grand Master, and founder of Capoeira Angola Palmares (the parent group of CAQ) is the pioneer of mindful capoeira.  His approach to capoeira as a movement art has sustained his personal practice through 40+ years of mastery.  Even as a man in his late 60’s he is able to perform the same acrobatic movements that he did as a young man.  It is our intention to follow in his footsteps to further advance capoeira as a form of movement and fitness that will endure with the passing years and the maturation of the body with grace and ease. In San Francisco, Capoeira is growing as a mindful practice! We are devoted to a practice that is intelligent in it’s design, from the inside out as to eliminate the wear and tear on the body that any physical practice will create.  Our approach is “from the ground up.” Anyone of any physical ability can enter the classroom and begin exactly where they are and gently build the core strength, flexibility, creativity, and balance as an invocation of grace within the body and the mind.